Religion and its big lie

Energy to live is identical with the wish to live.

Gun control - Some interesting statistics

The doctors, both those in practice as well as those doing research at the NIH, etc the pharmaceutical detail men and women, and the lower level volunteers who solicit money for the charities are kept in the dark as to the true goals of those in control of the various organizations.

It went on to state that the Jews had begun a " war of extermination " against Germany, and so Germany had a duty and a right to "exterminate" and "annihilate" the Jews in self-defense. We can be swept off our feet by a torrent of technical words and phrases, we can compose all sorts of philosophical formulas and definitions, and argue ourselves into a state of apparent conviction that we are conveying the ideas clearly and forcibly to our brains by constantly repeating certain definitions and axioms.

Rummel has calculated that on the average day, every single day during the 20th century, thousands of people have been murdered by governments -- per day. Then, announce that THEY the government will provide protection for thepeople - - - at a price.

They do not accept with patient resignation what destiny offers them, but hew out for themselves a new destiny, even if they know they will perish in the attempt. This substitute will be provided; it is even now partly suggested.

For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: As a result, tens of thousands of Americans and millions of Vietnamese lost their lives in a no-win war.

This source of superstitious ideas, heredity, can be only controlled and done away with by the accumulated efforts of many generations.

Leo Strauss Strauss noted that thinkers of the first rank, going back to Plato, had raised the problem of whether good and effective politicians could be completely truthful and still achieve the necessary ends of their society. If we find it proper to ridicule these medicine-men, why should we not be permitted to laugh at the ceremony of kissing the slipper of the Pope or the hand of a priest.

One tells him that after death the organism is resolved to its constituent elements; the other describes how certain persons not only remained uncorrupted by death, but awoke again to life. You probably believe it too. Centuries ago, people believed in "The Divine Right of Kings. Taking vengeance, stealing from others, and killing others -- and claiming the right to do so -- is exactly what it means to be an "archist.

The 9 Lies of Religion

The Sunday was not only a day of physical rest to him, but an opportunity for the development of all the blossoms of his mind.

When Jesus was on earth and someone came to Him for healing, He never turned anyone away, and He always performed the healing Himself. The entire human race comes under its ban. I've not gone into great detail here yet so expect continual updates to this page, it will just continue to grow and grow with masses of evidence.

But over the last years, across the globe, an average of 10, people per day have been murdered with government approval. A society in which Christian virtues are taught and practiced will be the most prosperous in the world.

This is the place to anticipate misconstructions of my meaning. But as long as the human race lives upon earth, as long as it has not attained to the summit of its development, it will continue to struggle earnestly to fill in the invisible framework of its preordained culture and progress and this struggle for the realization of its ideal, the growth to the height of its unseen standard, is felt and experienced by every single member of the human family, with the exception of idiots, although of course most men perceive it only dimly and without comprehending its true import.

The Big Lie: Science and Religion at War!

Those the Father speaks to, who learn the truth from Him, will be attracted to Me. The propaganda repeated over and over the conspiracy that Jews were the real powers in Britain, Russia and the U.

A lie is a statement used intentionally for the purpose of deception. The practice of communicating lies is called lying, and a person who communicates a lie may be termed a may be employed to serve a variety of instrumental, interpersonal, or psychological functions for the individuals who use them.

Mar 19,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Green is a law professor and Director of the Center for Religion, Law, and Democracy at Willamette University.

Reading the headline, one would think that the article would expose “the big lie”. Written by a law professor, one would further expect a litany of evidence to make his case. The ONE Big Lie That Has Deceived The Whole World.

The conflict between science and religion lies in our brains, researchers say

Lorraine Day, M.D. Christianity is NOT a religion, it is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. the One Big Lie That Controls the World. The LIE is that "man" has become "God" and should rely on "man' and not God.

The Catholic Church Is A Big Hoax. The Catholic Church Is A Big Hoax! WARNING!!! it is a RELIGION of manmade traditions and lies of the devil.

It certainly is NOT a Biblical New Testament church. have sinned, there is not one who does good, no not one! Mary was a sinner and needed a Savior. The lie of the Catholic doctrine of the. Jun 02,  · Jesus is a lie because he is a combination of various mythologies that came before him.

This video was made in the kindest way possible in hopes that more people would be .

Religion and its big lie
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