Angelology and satanology

We have already seen reason for believing, that even the so-called Pseudepigraphic literature, notably such works as the Book of Jubilees, was strongly tainted with Essene views; if, indeed, in perhaps another than its present form, part of it was not actually Essene.

While American folk religion depicts humanlike angels as winged creatures, we never see this form of angel depicted in Scripture. Iniquity was found in the heart of Lucifer. In addition, Iranian dualism, it is said, contributed to the Jewish idea of a personal Satan during the Greco-Roman period see T.

Angels, though spirit beings and very powerful, are not omnipotent, omniscient, or omnipresent. His name, place, position, circumstances, the very name of her whom he was to wed, were proclaimed in heaven, just as the hour of his death was foreordered. Imagine if you could constantly see angels and demons around you wherever you went.

The book of Job gives us a good illustration of his defaming accusations and how, at the same time, he seeks to malign the character of God. The morning meal was preceded by a lustration, or bath.

The cherubim guard the Tree of Life Gen. Their obedience and fellowship with God would thus glorify God and demonstrate His grace and goodness. They are already present at creation Job It is evident that, while all else was intended as safeguards of a rigorous sect of purists, and with the view of strictly keeping it a secret order, the last-mentioned particulars furnish significant indications of their peculiar doctrines.

These two points relation to the Angels, and knowledge of the remedial power of plants, not to speak of visions and prophecies seem to connect the secret writings of the Essenes with that 'outside' literature which in Rabbinic writings is known as Sepharim haChitsonim, 'outside writings.


The affairs of 'the order' were administered by a tribunal of at least a hundred members. He clearly espouses eternal security chapter 3.

So, when God created man and placed him upon the earth, He gave man authority and commissioned him to rule over the earth, not independently, but dependently through fellowship with God by the exercise of his God-given image. It suggests that there was a deficiency in the glory of God and that Lucifer could complete that which was lacking.

We do not overcome by our works, by the energy of the flesh, or by our sincerity, or by our effort, or by our will power because we are powerless. For it was not an ordinary movement, nor in connection with any of the existing parties, religious or political.

The History of Satan His Creation and Origin Though the Bible reveals a great deal about the fact, nature, program, purposes, and schemes of Satan, it does not give all the facts about his origin and fall or the cause of his existence as the great adversary of God and His people.

The Two Kingdoms Conflict A question that naturally arises is why are angels so deeply interested and observant of what is happening on this earth with the affairs of mankind.

Moreover, a measure like this would have been entirely outside their recognised mode of procedure. Among the divergences on juridical questions, reference has already been made to that in regard to marriage with the 'betrothed,' or else actually espoused widow of a deceased, childless brother.

When humans see the majesty of angels, they are tempted to become obsessed with them Rev. The rubrics are in the Mishnic tractate Parab, and in Tos.


The question whence the foreign elements were derived, which were its distinctive characteristics, has of late been so learnedly discussed, that only the conclusions arrived at require to be stated. As spirit beings they operate in the realm of the air.

Study of Extraterrestrial Geology Astrology: Linguistically, the words Essenoi and Chitsonim are equivalents, as admittedly are the similar designations Chasidim and Asidaioi 'A.

They denounced John the Baptist Matt 3: This Lamb is alone able to accomplish what no one else in the universe is qualified and able to do. For, although the expression 'Jews' in the fourth Gospel generally conveys the idea of contrast to the disciples of Christ for ex. We must understand that Satan never stands in the truth, never.

As will be demonstrated in the material that follows, Satan is not just an evil, impersonal influence, but a very real person, a fallen angel with supernatural powers. The Doctrine of Angels found here.


Some of his inferences such as at pp. The problem with this worldly view, that God and Satan are equal, is that God created Satan. As suggested by 1 Timothy 3: A person might undertake only the second, without the first of these obligations.

By becoming overly preoccupied with angels or demons, we would be distracted from God himself. Though religious, respectable, and decent, unsaved man because of his sin will end in death Rom. Angelology. By James M. Rochford. Angels are seen from one end of the Bible to the other. In fact, the Bible contains verses about angels ( in the OT and 93 in the NT), and 34 books of the OT refer to angels, including our earliest books (e.g.

Job, Genesis).

The Present Activity of Satan and His Angels

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We are elated to share the Word with the World without cost. Short essay on Angelology and Satanology Well Anna, the problem with God and Satan being two eternal and equal forces is that it’s un-biblical.

Angelology and satanology
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